While you are visiting this page, you are on your way back home a feeling of love, freedom, happiness and abundance

  • Why is it so important to feel

    The secret of happiness is within you, is you and your emotion of self love you might think: oh what rubbish, its important to work, to follow rules and regulations but something within you is seeking for something bigger love, beauty and fulfilment and purpose

  • We all need love, we all come from love and its important to feel its important to feel love and to be able to send love words are nothing without emotions

  • My services

    Allow me to be your personal guide- soul whisperer. My unique gift is to connect with your soul, see and read your energy, to see who you are, with all your talents and potentials. Your Soul and your Guardian will explain to me reasons of your current status and I will feel what you are feeling to identify the origin of the issue and what is blocking you. Allow me the opportunity to empower yourself to love yourself again, to remind you who you really are with all your potentials, until you are ready to take your path on your own. You would need to dedicate two consultations of 30 minutes or 60 minutes with me and you will feel an immediate change. Very comfortably via Skype, whats app, Telephone, from home or where ever you are (Yes, it is possible and I have successfully done consultancies with Clients, from all over the World)


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My Work With Children

This is a very important matter for me, it fills my heart with love and joy children are a blessing and a wonderful gift to the world. They got their own emotions and thoughts and laws every child is a challenge for us, sometimes it's pushing us to our limits to the fullest it know exactly how to press the red button )) all this and much more because the child is helping us to heal our wounds to see how great our potential is  we are here to learn from the children, not the other way around being authentic with our children helps them to become amazing adults with true values

Gallery-For Sale

Each Painting is very unique with a special healing Frequency , it activates Your own structure and is supporting the flow of your personal Energy to get in touch with your Gifts and Talents and Potentials, please write me to Purchase your personal Impuls,- Healing Painting

About Me

Hey hey, I am Aurena Agathe Fohler, born and brought up in Germany 1980 July 17th My mother is Sri Lankan and not able to hear or speak, Buddhist. My father is German and not able to hear, r.k  we do speak sign language I am the 2nd of 3 children.

I partly grew up in a foster family full of strict rules and religious beliefs which helps me to connect different worlds. I dont believe in religion, I do have a very strong believe in love. I finished my apprenticeship in a science laboratory after that I was living and working in many countries like. India, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Bali, Chicago, Gran Canaria, Kasachstan, Nigeria etc. I learned many healing rituals and a lot about different cultures. I am able to hear messages and read energies. I am able to smell and taste different energies, all my senses are active. I am able to support your healing process, releasing pattern from your childhood, past lives, black magic, negative believe structures, family issues or work issues to strengthen your own structure within yourself.

If u got any questions for me please feel free to contact me via Skype, Facebook, E- mail, whats app or mobile phone or watch my You Tube Channel : Aurena

My Mission

It's my duty to support you to walk a bit with you on your path and to encourage you to be your true self. I will help you, to help yourself to be independent, to be free and happy to feel yourself and others, to feel love again so that you know which path to choose the path which is yours ...to go back home and meet your true family

My Qualification

Animation with children in Portugal and Gran Canaria (Leitung bei TUI-1-2-fly)
· Heilpraktiker-Schule, Berlin, – medical wholebody massage with accupressure
· Massage with accupressure (Berlin)
· Assistant Guestrelation Manager, Somatheeram Indien, – apprenticehip Ayurveda treatments
· apprenticeship Spa consultant – Wellness Massages (Bali, Singapur, Sri Lanka)
· Reiki Grandmaster – footreflexologie (Indien, Bangalore with Mrs. Dr Karanth)
· apprenticeship with healer (Mr. Wayan) – Spa Manager certification, Bali
· Founding Aarogya TempelSpa – Spa Consultant (Coffeeday Resorts, Chickmanlore,...), Bangalore Varma treatments with Dr Rajamoney Chennai (Ayurvedaclinic)
· Energetic Psychologie EDxTM, especially: children and teenager, Kinesiologie
· Ayurveda treatments (Kerala, Indien)
· apprenticeship charity work paliativcare in Kaufbeuren *Zuwendung*, Sterbebegleitung
· selfemployed working with 5 Star Hotel Steigenberger
· Lomi Lomi Massage (Karina Wagner)
· Magnified Healing, Reprogramming, energy spine stretching (Peter Klein)
· Spa Consultancy TUI Gruppe - RIU Hotels (renova SPA)

I would like to mention that I was lucky to study with two amazing healers in Bali and India, which was an honor to learn from. It's very important for me to clear myself regularly to make sure I am a clear empath and healer

Thank u so much for your trust and loyalty

Healing Sessions

30 Minutes Session 55 Euros

60 Minutes Session 111 Euros

Paypal: aurena.fohler@gmx.de

Bank Details: IBAN: DE7344 0048 0341 8472 00



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